Why Choose Signal Over Telegram?

After I updated my WhatsApp status announcing that I’m switching over to Signal, quite a lot of my friends reached out to me asking the reason to choose Signal over Telegram. This blog is to sum up those reasons. But, before we start, we need to make a few things clear to make sure we’re […]

Buffer Overflow Tutorial Part 2 : Intro to assembly

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Last time I wrote about the stack and its basic operations, namely, Push and Pop. Continuing our tutorial of Buffer Overflow tutorial, this time we’re going to get introduced to Assembly language. Please note that there’s a lot of theory we need to cover before we could actually dive into the practical aspects of buffer […]

Buffer Overflow Part 1: Introduction to Stack

I’ve been learning about Buffer Overflow for quite some time and I thought it’d be nice to share my learnings with others and this is the reason for this Tutorial. Who is this Tutorial for? This tutorial is for beginners who have little programming experience and wants to know what BOF is and how exactly […]

Understanding SSL Certificates

A week ago, at work, I needed to work with some self-signed SSL certificates and that’s when I realized that a lot of us didn’t have a good understanding of what certificates are and what their use is. So I decided to take some time out to write about this topic. But, before we jump […]