Books to read during lockdown

10 days into the country-wide lock-down and I’m driving crazy already. The weirdest thoughts have start to cross my head. This morning I wondered if it qualifies for a house arrest and if it does, has there been any moment in history when all governments of all the countries in the entire world conspired together […]


Countdown displays the time before India’s countrywide lock-down ends! Stare at it and #StayHome On 22nd of this March, I downloaded a CSV file provided by to test my newly learned skills. The file contained daily updates of COVID-19 from all the countries, all over the world. According to the website, this data is […]

Crypt : A Personal Cloud

Crypt Before we begin discussing my weekend project, let me ask you a little question. A question that you might have pondered upon at some or the other moment of life. A question that excites some and confuses others. A question whose answer holds more value than what meets the eye at first glance. A […]